Weekday classes offered, as well as afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays!

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A: 1823 Western Ave, Albany

Join the Guilderland Music Academy for summer group classes! 

What we offer: 

Group Guitar Mon 12:00 7-10 Paul
Group Piano Mon 14:00 5-7 Kevin
Group Violin Mon 18:00 5-7 Kelly
Music Funtime Tues 13:00 Liv
Group Piano Tues 15:00 5-7 Kevin
Group Piano Tues 14:00 5-7 Melanie
Music Funtime Tues 17:00 Liv
Group Violin Tues 17:00 5-7 Kelly
Group Ukulele Wed 13:00 5-7 Seth
Group Guitar Wed 14:00 7-10 Seth
Group Piano Wed 14:00 5-7 Charlotte
Group Percussion Wed 16:00 5-7 Nick
Music Funtime Wed 16:00 Charlotte
Group Violin Wed 17:30 5-7 Charlotte
Choir Wed 18:30 9-13 Charlotte
Group Ukulele Thurs 13:00 5-7 Seth
Group Piano Thurs 14:00 5-7 Melanie
Group Guitar Thurs 14:00 7-10 Seth
Group Violin Thurs 17:00 5-7 Charlotte
Group Violin Fri 16:00 5-7 Kelly
Group Guitar Fri 17:00 7-10 Paul
Group Fiddle Fri 18:00 Kids Kelly
Music Funtime Sat 11:00 Liv
Group Guitar Sat 11:00 7-10 Paul
Group Cello Sat 12:00 5-7 Kaitlyn
Group Cello Sat 13:00 8-12 Kaitlyn
Group Piano Sat 13:00 5-7 Dan H
Group Piano Sat 14:00 5-7 Dan H

(518) 313-7577

Westmere Plaza
1823 Western Avenue
Albany NY 12203

How to Register:

At GMA, our FUN group classes offer a solid introduction to many different instruments, giving students the opportunity to try making music with other people. Learn the piano, guitar, or even the ukulele with one of our experience instructors.

Is your student younger than age 5? No problem! The Guilderland Music Academy is now offering the Music Funtime curriculum- a class focused on giving younger students the musical knowledge and experience to be successful in music!